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Our Museum receives many interesting visits but this story is about a special visitor from Melbourne. His name is Paul Lynch, aged 85 and lives south of the border. He has donated some printing pieces previously but he thought this time I want to visit the Penrith Museum of Printing. He rang us and asked what day he could visit and bring a few objects to donate. We settled on a date and he started to get himself organised. With a backpack filled with his travelling gear and a suitcase on wheels for the museum stuff he started his journey.

​A full day on the train to arrive in Sydney, staying overnight and then another train out to Penrith he arrived mid morning.

We could not believe this elderly gentleman carried the weight he did when he opened his case and presented the contents to us. The picture does not do the fonts and lino matrixes justice. They were all in perfect condition.

As well he had a large plastic bag full of literature and certificates he had acquired throughout his career. He was fascinated with the whole Museum and said the trip was well worth the effort. We were extremely grateful that he decided to donate this fantastic material to us. The visit lasted a couple of hours before he had to depart to head back to Melbourne.

A very knowledgeable man in the Letterpress printing industry and a lovely visitor to boot. We put him back on a train to Sydney to wait for his connection.

Thanks to Paul his donation is already being displayed and shown by members to the public.

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