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The Paper Man Herbert "Bert" Gilbert (1915 - 1985)


Bert's employment as Sales Manager and Director at L.L. King & Prior Pty. Ltd, paper merchants, in Sydney.

The smaller watermark showing the Queen was obviously to mark her coronation in 1953, however, I have no idea how Bert acquired it and once again he would have been working at King & Prior at the time.


Herbert's employment record is as follows Employed for three years as messenger/assistant storeman - 1931/1934 by Woolcott& Mackie Pty. Ltd., Paper Merchants - Sydney. Woolcott & Mackie sold the business in 1934 to L.L.King & Prior Pty. Ltd., Paper Merchants, Sydney. Herbert was appointed Sales Manager & Director in charge of overseas and local buying and selling in 1950, he resigned from this company in 1955. Joined Wiggins Teape & Alex Pirie (NSW) Pty. Ltd., as Assistant Manager - Sales in 1955 responsible for buying, selling and organising sales staff servicing printers from their Sydney office. By this time Herbert had acquired a very good knowledge of paper, he was well liked and respected in the paper trade as printers knew they could rely on him to sell them the right kind of paper especially if they had a tricky or difficult job on hand. Wiggins Teape had paper mills in Fort William, Scotland and Wales and this was where a lot of the imported paper would have come from. I recall the paper from Wiggins Teape having a watermark with a stone gateway on it, this was their trademark and I think their Sydney premises were referred to as Gateway House, 


Herbert retired in 1977. He had been living in Springwood since 1959 commuting to Sydney five days a week having a booked seat in Car 4 on the commuter train referred to as "The Fish". Unfortunately, he passed away in 1985 having suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease for the last three years of his life. 

Bert was well respected in business circles and much loved by those in the family, he was a talented pianist and knew how to keep a party going in full swing with his music. Happy memories linger on.

Jeanette (Gilbert) Bissell - June, 2022.

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