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The Penrith Museum of Printing

presents recitation around letters and printing

Cogitamus (thinking) is a forum for people interested in graphic art, letters, books and design. 

The Penrith Museum of Printing organises regular informative presentations, which will each highlight a single aspect within the target audience. 

The presentations are set in the atmosphere of the museums 1940 letterpress print house.  

Through a multitude of good visual content presentations it will provide the audience, food for thought and to consistently push the boundaries around one's own knowledge. 

21 April 2018

History of Chinese printing

By Dr Stephanus Peters

2 June 2018

The Romance of Letterpress

By James Cryer

14 July 2018

Gutenberg vs Coster

by Peter Butterworth

15 September 2018

Printing a rare edition Artist's Book at the museum.

by Juliana O'Dean (M.F.A)

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