The Museum has amongst it collection a good number of the Penrose Annuals. The fabulous books which showcased printing technologies from around the World from the 1890's onwards are prized editions and masterpieces in their own right

Penrose Annuals

The Penrith Museum of Printing has an extensive collection of books, manuals, documents and other letterpress printing artifacts which are all available for viewing. We have over 400 books and manuals in our collection all of which can be accessed at the museum. Not all 400+ books are listed in our database as yet.

While the Museum does not loan books or items from its collection individuals are able to view and or study during opening hours.

Museum Library 

De Deep

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Penrith Museum of Printing is to collect, conserve, operate and showcase letterpress printing machinery and equipment so as to keep alive the history,knowledge and skills of letterpress printing for present and future generations.

The Penrith Museum of Printing is a 'Not For Profit' Incorporated Association

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