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The machines and equipment in our museum

A fully operational museum setup as a 1940's printshop

The Penrith Museum of Printing houses a collection of fully operational letterpress machinery and equipment.

A number of the items in our collection are well over 100 years of age and are still functioning smoothly, thanks to our dedicated volunteers.


The objective of the members of this unique museum is to not just store some old equipment in a dusty corner somewhere quietly gathering cobwebs and rusting away, but to actually have the machinery up and running for all to see and experience. So come along and be amazed at the intricacy of the linotype and sight and sound of our Wharfedale stop cylinder press and much, much more. You won't be disappointed!

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This beautiful old Albion Press was manufactured in London in 1860 is a magnificent example of 19th Century printing press design and craftsmanship.


This machine a fine example of some of the improvements made on the basic wine press style of press introduced by Johanne Gutenberg in 1450 


Come along and watch this great old machine in operation and see a proof being pulled just as the printers of old would have done. 

A tour through the museum

Hand composing by Graham 

Wharedale printing

Videos by James Cryer
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